Thursday, January 14, 2010


lurking into OMONA@LJ and stumbled onto this.. SCREAMMM!

K-pop Super Boy band ‘Super Junior’ set to tour Malaysia in March

The K-Pop sensation continues to attack Malaysia with Super Junior, the biggest boy band group in the world to debut their Malaysia tour next March 2010 with their Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour, Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010.

Organized by Redstar Presents, event managed by Marctensia and Warner Music as record label, Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour, Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 is set to kick off on Saturday, 20th March 2009, 7.00pm at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Super Junior last came to Malaysia for MTV Asia Awards 2008 but this time, it’ll be their first ever concert. The biggest boy band group will present their indisputable energy and showmanship on stage.

Super Junior started in September 2005, making it the biggest boy band group in the world. To date the boy band has released 19 albums that include soundtracks, etc. Due to different tier of demands, Super Junior is also further divided into sub-groups, namely Super Junior-KRY, Super Junior-M and super Junior-Happy that cater for different languages and market such as Korean, Japanese and Mandarin for fans of Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and the whole of SEA. Not only that, Super Junior’s vocals as a group in acapella and harmonization are praised by the media.

One of Super Junior’s main attractions is their ultra-energetic dance choreography that embraces hip hop, street and break dancing that makes Super Junior a group of acclaimed b-boys that showcases their acclaimed techniques of popping, waving, sliding, liquid dancing, etc.; all featured in their MVs and live concerts.

To allow Super Junior fans to access concert tickets and grab the best seats, a pre-sale period will be held from Jan 18th, 11am onwards to Jan 29th, 2010. Concert ticket prices are categorized into RM138, RM238 (numbered seats) and RM458 (numbered seats and Rock Pitt). Fans can purchase tickets at T-Hop Zone, 6th Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza (in-front of Green-Box Karaoke). For every purchase of 2 tickets, fans shall be entitled to a limited edition giant poster, (500 pieces only) while stock last.

why o why i'm poor & the date for the concert is 3 days away before my final exam! >_<

to go or not to go?

i have to perform solat istiharah ni..

p/s: if SNSD SHINEE or 2PM are having concert here, i definitely will go. suju on the other hand

has stopped being my cup of tea for the moment.. mmm..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


hi hi.. sementara connection masih baek ni, eloklah ambo bcerita pe yg menarik arini. mmm.. mmm.. xde pe sgt today.. arini kelas start kul 12 tghari and dengar presentation je. Shamim budak laki ni bg ucapan, chomei sgt! suke2.. dia ni leh la xde la chomei2 sgt tp cara dia berucap tuh.. walawei.. kena menuntut ilmu ni! haha ;)

ms jalan2 nk balik tu, singgah jap kat centre. tunggu D g beli barang kat shop. tetiba mata ku tertumpu kat board iklan dpn shop ni.. jeng jeng jeng! ngn mata besau pon aku meluru n terus amik no sis ni.. bg msg kat dia tanya sal barang yg kena order ni. mak oi.. memang dh taksub aku arini.. headphone yg diidam sudah dapat, jd ni plak la brg next yg aku nk beli.. sudah order and minta2 sis tu akn smpaikan la khabar baek after dh dpt brg tu.. comei sgt. i know some may argue and kate aku boros. but still hage benda ni agak murah berbanding kat luar and bayangkan benda ni susah nak dapat kat m'sia! kena order dr japan.. jd aku kena la berusaha keras n simpan duet manyak2 sblm benda alah ni sampai.. nk tau k pe benda yang aku merepek meraban sampai kena wat entri baru ni? tadaa...



ni la dia..

INSTAX MINI7S instant camera = RM 278 with 1box film.

what makes this camera a special item?

1- key has one and he loves to take pixs with it. ;)
2. All SNSD gals have this so i must get it too
3. Instant photo will come out once u snapped ur pix so wont have to print the pix.
4. the pixs u took using this baby will be 1 in a million. there'll be no
copy for it. haha

okay, tht's all.. i have to be more berjimat la for 2010.. ish.. lepas ni la k.. promise.. ♥


hello there. how are you? i'm fine but still not confident to say tht becoz of the scar left on my forehead. yeah, it sucks! tried everything and anything for it to go away.. que sera sera..
dh lah ade majlis kawin sabri this weekend.. Ya Allah, plz help me.. cepatlah sembuh and cepat cepatlah elang.. i promise i'll be good.. ;(

okay, enough about tht drama, moving on.. do u still remember about the dramas i bought last week? i got the chance to finish up Akai Ito, a jap series tht surely is a tearjerker. nothing's gonna beat koizora for me becoz bias is bias. i ♥ aragaki yui but still this drama is a must watch too.
it tells a story of a young couple who are destined to be together and they revolve around akai ito "red string". they face many trivial before ended up being together. once, Mei has a bf after Atsushi left her, but the bf gets too possessive of Mei and starts hitting her when she comes late or do not satisfy his needs (attention and time). the part where the bf slaps innocent mei is too much and i felt sad tht she has been treated tht way even though she tries hard to love him. thank God the bf died later in the drama, he didn't deserve Mei.


after i watched akai ito, i tried my hardest to finish up Tamna the Island. the drama is soo hilarious and the casts are to die for. they are just too adorable. Seo Woo, the lead heroine is cute and so bubbly tht she didn't care about what other thinks of her and she's cute while wearing her scuba suits. ;) the male lead is none other than Im Jung Hwan. he's So Yijung's older bro in Boys Over Flowers. still remember tht drama, rite? gotta finish the drama this week as last week i had a very busy weekend with wedding invitations and all.. so, tamna, wait for me!! ♥


adios amigos berambus. i'm out! ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


yes, yeah.. i know i'm late and i have been absent for the last decades.. so what?
just finished typing and sending my first assignment via email: contemporary moral issue.
woah, hardcore i tell u. me & T had to answer these 5 KBKK Qs regarding censorship and my god, my brain kinda froze on me so i did what i do best. spazzing first at other forum! haha ;)

* went to CAC after BM class. at first was kinda hesitate w/ther i should go or not since i have this huge bump on my forehead & being plastered doesn't make it look cute but okaylah since i'm brave like that! haha
quoted from me: dah alang malu baek malu terus je.. & paling teruk orang leh wat pown ejek n gelakkan je muka kite kan D? haha..

then w/out feeling embarrassed or whatever, went to CAC coz it holds a electronic promotion or something. bought lots of stuff. i loike! headphone which has star as its design which i wanted to buy is now mine & thanx to Hanis , we got cheaper price for two! yippie! ;) bought korean & jap series: TAMRA & AKAI ITO.
feeling ecstatic.

cute rite? what did i tell u.. i won't lie laa..
now i can be one of SNSD gals! haha

sorry T xajak, nnt kite g ag k.. coz kite pown ade tempah cite yg akan kena ambik gak nnt! ♥
p/s: i'll make a post about my new year resolutions if my connection won't be a bitch. ;)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

cherish the love of your life, seriously! ;)

i don't know what happened to me yesterday.
i started missing him dearly, so i texted him first after i jogged with my bossom buddies (T,M & D)
i told him that i started living a healthy life and bored him with the story of my jog time. he seems so interested and asked me what will i be doing this coming Saturday.

me: sabtu ni? xtaulah tp free kot. nape? nk ajak date k? nk2! ske2! dh lame xdate.. (gaya perasan comei)

syg b: okay, jom g jog pg2 nk? ;)

me: okay, tp kalu b xlarat b jalan k. terima kasih. ;)

we're going for a jog & a date afterwards! can't wait. i heart this guy dearly to bits. ♥


It doesn't have to be me
It's okay to meet someone else and laugh
It's okay to watch a movie with them
It's okay to drink and eat with them
It's okay to hold hands with them
It's okay to hug them too
It's okay to text message each other daily
It's okay to have hours long telephone conversations too
Don't love them..
That is not okay...

In my eyes...
The saying that you're the only one I see...
That, I believe is a lie...
In my eyes, I see a lot of people...
But, throughout that group of people,
I only search for you.

credit: soompi

Thursday, December 17, 2009


just because SNSD is my live and i ♥ them so much. this is interesting facts i found on soompi while browsing. so i wanted to share this since they have won 6 awards with 2 daesangs last night at Melon 2009.

Each SNSD member is identified as one of the nine Muses on the basis of her features:

- Calliope, the beautiful-voiced one, - Jessica
- Clio, who makes famous, - Yoona
- Erato, the one who charms the sight, - Yuri
- Euterpe, the rejoicing-well, - Sunny
- Melpomene, who sings, - Taeyeon
- Polyhymnia, the one of many hymns, - Tiffany
- Thalia, the Muse of comedy, - Sooyoung
- Terpsichore, the delight of dancing, - Hyoyeon
- Urania, the celestial one, - Seohyun

p/s: i found a new addiction: POUPEE GIRL. my girl is yuree♥

Monday, December 14, 2009

new looks = confidence

hello hello hello.
topic for today:
is changing our style will affect our confidence level?
mmmmm.. for me, it is true!

this is becoz since high school, i've been wearing this white scarfs and i banned other colors. i thought that white equals to purity, innocence and it can make me look younger. ohoho. what a huge mistake! it just made me look dull and boring.

now i'm living a healthier life and become more confident about my appearance while trying different kind of scarfs mostly selendang.

i love blog hopping and read blogs that are made just for makeup tutorials. and as a girl who loves to make up herself, i admit that they are really helpful. some people even ask me the recipe for my own eye make up so it really does boost up my confidence level.

i was once an ugly duckling, *teringat plak buku cerita yang pernah mama ajar aku mbaca dulu: anak itik yang hodoh bukan bodoh taw* with a pizza like face but with the help from my mom i managed to change myself into a beautiful normal swan after few years. i tried everything like seeing a specialist tht made mama waste her money, then i found Felisa & this is indeed my savior and now another method that i have tried is using lintah. yes, u've heard it right. lintah tht sucks blood. huge difference can be spotted on my sis since she tried this. her face becomes more clearer and she glows beautifully. i'm a proud mama & sista! ;)


i think that's all folks. if acap's leg is okay then we can go for our date this afternoon but i have a bad feeling about this and i'm 80% tht he wants to make a rain check! ;(

see u guys soon! sayonara!
btw: i'm learning korean/ hangul by myself so next time when we have a karaoke day i'll be prepared! ;)